A new era in water analysis

Discover Cilario and Flovéo, two unique solutions dedicated to water preservation designed by ATHELIS!

Our products

Preserve aquatic environments
Transmit real-time information on water quality and quantity

Optimize the irrigation of the grounds
Analyze water quality to optimize watering periods

The meeting of expertise

About ATHElis

ATHElis was born from the association between lojelis, a consulting firm and editor of digital solutions, and ATHOS Environnement, a consulting firm specialized in the engineering of continental aquatic ecosystems.

An alliance of expertise unique in France to create tools dedicated to the management and preservation of water quality and quantity. 

Our Research and Development includes AI!

AI at the heart of our solutions

How does it work?

Thanks to Athos’ scientific knowledge and our expertise in software publishing, we have been able to develop innovative solutions for ATHElis products, while integrating Artificial Intelligence.


The integration of Artificial Intelligence within ATHElis solutions, allows us an acute analysis of the collected data. AI helps to take decisions and provides recommendations for a reasoned management of water resource.

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